We offer a plethora of specialist decorating services to clients to keep their home looking its best. We work out of Palmers Green in North London, but we’re happy to provide our services to the whole of North London and the surrounding areas.

GPL Decorators will work closely with you to find out your specific needs and create the ideal renovations that you want for your home.

But aside from making your home look amazing, there are many other practical reasons to get in touch with GPL Decorators.


Cracked paint? Aside from looking unsightly, cracked paint can also lead to damp, rot and drafts. Plus, the longer you leave the paint, the more expensive it gets to fix later on down the line. We provide a cheap and comprehensive interior painting service.


Feel a draft? Your window frames might be letting in drafts and letting heat out, costing you more than you need to pay on energy costs. Our carpentry services can help patch up all those draughty areas.


Funny smell? Damp can develop in the areas you least expect. If you smell something funny in your home, it might be worth checking underneath your furniture to see if mould is growing. Our damp-proofing can keep the scourge of mould far away from your home.


Leaky roof? Holes in your roof could be letting in unwanted moisture, which could lead to the development of mould in your attic, which can easily spread throughout your home. GPL Decorators can also provide roofing repairs and help patch up those leaks.


Plastering imperfection? Many plasterers will tell you that you won’t see the imperfections once a room has been painted, but sometimes a lick of paint simply won’t cut it. Get a professional plasterer in to fix up those imperfections.

To learn more about the services we provide, or for a no-obligation quote, get in touch with us today. You can reach us on 07788134661 for more information and more impartial decorating tips and advice.